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NetCallNOW is a self-service VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provider that offers an alternative to standard and wireless telephone providers.  NetCallNOW turns your high-speed internet connection or Wi-Fi signal into a multidimensional digital communication platform.  NetCallNOW offers solutions for both your personal and business telephone needs.  We offer a reliable network, High Definition (HD) calling, competitive rates for national and international phone calls and exceptional customer service.  Our network is the fastest available and our online portal is convenient and easy to use.  Our mobile app supports both Apple and Android devices and allow you to add NetCallNOW to any smartphone or tablet.  At home or on the go, NetCallNOW will revolutionize the way you think about telephone providers.

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Let NetCallNOW handle all of your business telephone needs and never worry about purchasing expensive equipment again.  Small or large, NetCallNOW’s peer to peer capabilities, allow you to provide and manage your own PBX (private branch exchange) system and add up to 130 lines.  In addition to our office capabilities, NetCallNOW is completely mobile.  Our App is compatible with Android, Apple and any device that allow a data or internet connection.  NetCallNOW offers HD calling, video conferencing, voicemail, caller ID, callbacks, 800 services, call forwarding, fax capabilities, the ability to check your voicemails online and receive email notifications for missed voicemails.  With NetCallNOW, you are in complete control.  Order the telephone services you need and spend what you want to spend.  Let NetCallNOW be your business solution.  


Sign up now and start using today.  It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.



⇒ Want to add a private inbound phone number? Add a NetCallNOW private number to any account for as little as $1.50 a month.


⇒ NetCallNOW offers telephone numbers worldwide, including toll free numbers.


⇒ Don’t have a PBX system? Let our experts design a network that best suits your business’ needs. Click here to contact us.

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No Activation Fee!

No Equipment!

No Waiting!



NetCallNOW is a convenient, self-service Voice over IP communications provider that can solve all of your wireless and landline phone needs.  Easy to use and compatible with any devices that can receive an internet or Wi-Fi connection.  NetCallNOW offers an inexpensive alternative for calling nationally and internationally.  NetCallNOW is completely online and our basic service include:  HD calling, voicemail, caller ID, callbacks, call forwarding, e911 and speed dial.  Your online customer portal allows you to check your payment and call history, check your voicemail and set email notifications for missed voicemails.  NetCallNOW can replace your existing telephone carriers, mobile provider and home telephone provider, with one easy to use, self-service, VoIP provider.


Like to Travel? NetCallNOW is great for those who spend a lot of time traveling internationally.  Create an account and keep in touch with home or loved ones abroad for pennies a minute.  Convenient, affordable and easy to use, no need for international phone cards or expensive cell phone plans.


Sign up now and start using today.  It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

⇒ Want to add a private number? Add a NetCallNOW private number to any account for as little as $1.50 a month.

⇒ With NetCallNOW you are in complete control. We are a prepaid service and you can set the limits on what you want to spend.

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How It Works works using SIP technology.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) lets people around the world to communicate via the internet using their computers, softphone, mobile phones and other devices.  It is an integral part of internet protocol (IP) telephony, allowing the user to utilize the powers of VoIP (voice over IP).   In addition to a rich communication experience, SIP’s most beneficial attribute is the ability to cut down your communication costs.

SIP as a protocol is efficient and powerful.  Many organizations are moving away from traditional multi-line telephone systems, which are landlocked and involve the purchase of expensive equipment.  With SIP, you can create a multi-functional network, centered on a virtual PBX, which can handle both internal and external communication.  A account can solve your communication needs and trunk, both inbound and outbound, on your PBX.  There is no need to wait for equipment.  Service will begin immediately after you activate your account and deposit funds.


A photo by Luke Chesser.

Mobile devices:
For use on an Android supported system, we suggest downloading the app CSipSimple from the Google Play Store.  Incoming VoIP calls have a distinct answering screen, similar to the standard screen, but different enough that you can distinguish between a VoIP call and cell call.  You get a dialer that is comparable in appearance and function to a stock Android dialer, but is launched by its own icon.   There is no confusion on which type of call you’re going to make.  There are many compatible apps, however we feel this app is flexible, easy to set up, and a proper fit for any need.

For the iPhone, we suggest an app called Zoiper.  It is a free app available in the Apple store and provides equally good functionality.  If you have multiple users, Zoiper is available for Android and is a good option for standardizing the software users are installing.


To setup your mobile device, SIP phone or PBX system, create and activate your account.  Then login to your account and click “SIP INFO” on the left-hand navigation menu to find the information you will need to setup any of these options.


If you need help, login to your account and click “SUPPORT” on the left-hand navigation menu.  We are always ready and happy to help.

No Contracts!

No Activation Fee!

No Equipment!

No Waiting!


How do I make a payment on my account?
  1. Log into the portal using your credentials.

  2. On the front page (ACCOUNT INFO) of your portal, click “BUY NOW” under the PayPal icon.

  3. Using the dropdown box provided, enter the amount you wish to pay.

  4. Click “CONTINUE”.

  5. The next page will outline your payments. Once you have checked your payment, click “CONFIRM ORDER”.

  6. This will then take you the website. From here, you can log into your PayPal account and pay directly or fill in the necessary credentials to make the payment using your credit/debit card by clicking “Pay through PayPal using an online bank account, debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit” below.

Can I pay NetCallNOW directly with a debit or credit card, or check?
    • All payments are through PayPal. If you want to pay with a debit or credit card, or check, you can pay with those through PayPal.

How can I check my voicemails online?
    1. Click on “VOICEMAIL” on your side bar.

    2. Click on your voicemail you wish to listen to.

How far back can my payment history show?
    • Your payment history will go as far back as the life of the account.

Can I set up speed dials online?
    1. Click on “SPEED DIAL” on the left side bar.

    2. Click on the drop down box and choose the speed dial number you would like to use.

    3. In the “DESTINATION” box enter the number in which you would like to be dialed. e. 1234561237

    4. In the “NAME” box include your own label. i.e. Mom’s Cell

How do I change or edit a speed dial?
    1. Click on “SPEED DIAL” on the left side bar.

    2. In the row that the number you which to change is, click on the pencil.

    3. Make your appropriate changes and click “CONFIRM DATA”.

How can I see how much it is going to cost me to make a call?
    1. Click on “STIMULATOR” on the left side bar.

    2. Enter the number in which you are wanting to call with a 1 in front of 11 digit phone number i.e 1502123456

    3. Click “SEARCH.”

    4. The information when searched will give you the price per minute, the amount of minutes you can talk based on the credit in your account, and the destination.

In the SIMULATOR, what does “Call Time Available” mean?
    • This is the amount of minutes you can make a call based on the credit in your account.

What does a “CALLBACK” mean?
    • When you make a call back, it means that you call a number, and then when the person calls you back it goes to another number you have chosen.

How do I set up a “CALLBACK”?
    • Click on “CALLBACK” in the left side bar.

    • In the “YOUR PHONE NUMBER”, enter the number in which you want the customer or individual to call back.

    • In the number “IN THE NUMBER YOU WISH TO CALL” enter the customer or individual’s number.


    • Once the call is made and they pick up, it will automatically connect to the number you entered for “YOUR PHONE NUMBER”.

How can I change my password?
    1. Click on “PASSWORD” in the left side bar.

    2. Enter your old password. If this is the first time you are changing your password, enter the password in which we provided you. Likely this is a set of number.

    3. Then in the below boxes, enter the new password in which you want to use.

    4. Click “SAVE”

How do I ask for help? How do I get support?
    1. If you have a question that is not in the knowledge base or is a personal question in particular with your account, you can open a support ticket.

    2. To open a ticket, click on “SUPPORT”.

    3. Add your title.

    4. Using the drop down box, click on the priority of your message.

    5. Type your message and question and click create.

    6. You will automatically be sent an email letting you know a ticket has been open. A support tech will be able to answer your question as soon as possible. Remember that high volumes of tickets may result in a slower response rate.

How can I get notification when my account is low?
    1. Click on “NOTIFICATION” on the left hand side bar.

    2. Using the drop down box, click on the amount in which you want to receive a notification when your account drops below this amount. For example, $5.00.

    3. Click “YES” for us to send you an automatic email based on the amount you have chosen.

    4. In the last box, enter the email in which you want us to send the email.

    5. Click “CONFIRM DATA”.

How can I change the language?
    1. Using the pictures of flags at the bottom of the left side screen, click on the appropriate flag that depicts the language you would like.

Can I make calls with a negative balance?
    • All calls that are going to be made, must have a current balance.

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